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According to a study of community college online students from 2001 to 2010 (Fetzner, 2013), the following are the top three reasons students named when they did not succeed in their online courses:

  1. I got behind and it was too hard to catch up.
  2. I had personal problems (health, job, child care).
  3. I couldn't handle studying plus work or family responsibilities.

Image illustrating associated textDon't let this happen to you!


File:zu-lu/Learn/9.1_2014_04/Student/020_Get_Started/Best_Practice_How_to_Succeed_Online/lightbulb_orange.png   Stay Current

Do not allow yourself to think, "I can always catch up later."流れに乗るように努力してください。受講しているオンラインコースに柔軟性がある場合でも、計画どおりの態勢を保つようにします。

Take a peek.If a “preview week” is offered before your online course begins, read the syllabus, review the schedule, and practice navigation in Blackboard.

Create a master calendar. Print the course schedule and syllabus and plot out due dates, including time of day and time zones, on a master calendar.マスタカレンダーはデジタルでもハードコピーでも構いません。自分が一番使いやすいものを使用してください。

personal_organizer_colored_marks.pngUse the built-in tools.Graded course items such as tests, assignments, and graded discussions are automatically added to the Blackboard Calendar.コースカレンダーは、Googleカレンダーなどの外部のカレンダーにインポートすることもできます。Use My Blackboard daily—you can see due date reminders and other notifications in Updates, course interactions in Posts, and your latest scores in My Grades.

Log In early and regularly. At the beginning of each week or unit, review all course activities and assignments that are due that week.質問がある場合は、予定どおりに学習を完了できるように週の早い時期に問い合わせます。

Anticipate technical difficulties.Store your school's help desk phone number and website URL on your phone and in written form.これにより、コンピュータが動作しない場合にテクニカルサポートを受けることができます。Blackboardのコースには、インターネットに接続されたあらゆるコンピュータや機器からアクセスできるため、通常は、コンピュータの問題は学習の遅れの口実になりません。コンピュータラボや友人のラップトップを使用するなど、学習を完了するための代替手段を用意しておいてください。If you need instructions for using a Blackboard tool, help.blackboard.com is always available.

If you do fall behind... and are unable to keep up with your course despite your best effort, ask your instructor for assistance as soon as possible.

File:zu-lu/Learn/9.1_2014_04/Student/020_Get_Started/Best_Practice_How_to_Succeed_Online/lightbulb_orange.png  Plan for the Unplanned


Communicate with your instructor. If you find that you are dealing with emergencies of a personal nature, contact your professor as soon as possible to let them know the situation.問題に遭遇していない場合でも、教授と適切なコミュニケーションを保つようにしてください。

Get help. Colleges support a variety of student services, such as counseling and advising, so utilize these offices and ask for assistance with any personal problems.

Create a cushion. Often, it is not a matter of “if” items of a personal nature will infringe on your academic work, but it is “when” they will occur.前もって計画して各週に時間的余裕を残すと、個人的な緊急事態が起きても毎週のコースの学習を完了することができます。

Time management is key. Use good time management and planning skills so that you do not leave your academic work to the last minute.前のセクションで説明した組み込みのカレンダーとMy Blackboardツールを活用して、タスクに優先順位を付けます。

File:zu-lu/Learn/9.1_2014_04/Student/020_Get_Started/Best_Practice_How_to_Succeed_Online/lightbulb_orange.png  Work Your Coursework Into Your Life


Set goals. Develop long-term and short-term academic goals, with timeframes, for completing your college work.目標が学位や証明書を取得することであっても、個人的成長や職業上の成長のためにコースを受講することであっても、他の義務を果たしながら目標に到達するまでの時間を計画します。Do not sign up for more courses than you can reasonably handle.

Integrate personal and course calendars. Develop a prioritized to-do list and a master calendar, digitally or in hard copy, whichever is easiest for you to use.This will help you see the “big picture” of all of your academic due dates integrated with your family and work responsibilities.特定の週にやるべきことが多数ある場合は、コースの期日に間に合うように前もって学習を完了できるように計画します。

You can import a Blackboard course calendar into external calendar applications.


Fetzner, M.(2013).「What Do Unsuccessful Online Students Want Us To Know?」(オンライン講習で不合格になった学生が伝えたいこと)JALN 17(1), 13-27.


Marie Fetzner, Ed.D.| Monroe Community College | Rochester, NY